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Business/Sales Development Manager


Join our team in Hamburg!

Your role at Indicium

We have put our MVP on the launch pad and the first customers are on board. Now it's time for us to refine use cases, select the right verticals and always work closely with the people whose problems we are solving: our current and potential customers. You will help us build a suitable pipeline of customers, find out about needs, be represented at the right events, keep an eye on the competition and, together with our product lead and the founders, set the right course to scale quickly in the next phase.

Your area of responsibility

▪ Market and competitive analyses

▪ Identification and development of relevant customer segments together with Product

▪ Building customer pipelines for our current and planned verticals

▪ Independent generation of leads and proactive contact with new customers

▪ Identification of important events

▪ Introducing Indicium and our products to customers and events...

Further information in the PDF document

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