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Personnel decisions and recruiting under high pressure.

INDICIUM INSIGHT reports help.

Personnel decisions
and recruiting under
high pressure.

INDICIUM INSIGHT reports help.

Personnel decisions and recruiting under high pressure.

INDICIUM INSIGHT reports help.

Indicium offers its customers a solution that provides highly automated reports on applicants' public online profiles, generated using AI and expert knowledge.

Risk factors and possible discrepancies in a person's CV are shown in detail, perfectly tailored to the respective task. It doesn't matter whether external recruiting, internal placements or ongoing reputation checks are required. In accordance with data protection and employment law requirements, we put together what is feasible. in your case. We support you in not missing anything despite the high time pressure you are working under!

HR organizations are facing new challenges in a clear labor market: incomplete applications, revised resumes and longer time to fill positions, as well as a more critical public when high-profile bad hires are made. Nevertheless, top performance is expected.


A practical tool to increase security in personnel decisions.

Minimize your risk:
A careful assessment of a candidate helps to minimize risks such as bad hires and other safety-related problems and to create a safe working environment. You get a neutral perspective and can be sure that you won't miss any crucial information. The basic assessment remains with you.

Time and cost efficiency:
Create more efficient HR processes through faster and more accurate background checks on your applicants. This allows your employees to focus more on the evaluation and less on searching for information. This saves you valuable time and therefore costs.

Improved quality and fairness in recruiting:
Establish improved hiring processes through in-depth knowledge of your candidates' online information. See the whole story behind the person instead of just focusing on individual fragments.

Legal certainty and GDPR compliance:
Make sure that your recruitment processes comply with legal requirements and compliance guidelines, especially with regard to data protection. We allow to tailor the depth of analysis to your case.

No fear of negative reputation:
By using our software to gather information comprehensively and in a legally compliant manner, you can avoid mistakes in your recruiting process. You will neither “stalk” your applicants or employees nor act illegally. You only use publicly available information about a person that is generally accessible or may be viewed in a specific case.

Preventive risk management:
Keep an eye on your risk management by identifying potential problems or discrepancies among applicants and existing employees at an early stage. This way, conflicts in the workplace can be avoided in advance.

Solutions tailored to your requirements:
We offer flexible options to tailor background checks to the specific needs of your company.

Improved decision making:
Support decision-making by providing comprehensive and reliable information about applicants.


When it comes to data security and legal compliance, we make no compromises.

As a European software provider that processes data with clear personal reference, we have worked intensively with our legal experts to address data protection, IT security and employment law issues.

We used the strict German standards as a benchmark. As a result, we have developed software that allows our customers to meet the various requirements levels in accordance with the data protection processing basis.

Why pre-employment checks are a pioneer in modern recruitment:

  • Reduce the risk of bad hires. Ensure legal compliance.

  • Increase the efficiency of your hiring process.

  • Strengthen your company’s reputation and credibility by carefully screening your candidates.

  • Save costs by avoiding bad appointments and legal problems.

  • Our platform generates highly automated risk reports on natural persons generally in less than 60 minutes.

  • Our software uses special open source intelligence sources to efficiently analyze the digital fingerprint that people leave on the Internet.

  • The data from the INDICIUM INSIGHT reports are prepared for you and your team so that you can handle the data safely.

  • Your professional expertise as an HR expert remains a valuable part of the recruiting process.

Our solutions for HR managers

Our software links information regardless of the source, just as a professional analyst would. The speed with which our technology works ensures that you get the results you need in no time.

Our beginner check: suitable for every applicant query. We carry out standardized queries from search engines and public job-related social networks to check for deviations or additions to the submitted CV or risk indicators.

The scope corresponds to the usual legitimate interest in an application. Even without consent.

INDICIUM “Insight Essential”

Suitable for applicants or positions for specific roles with specific risk issues. In addition to the scope of the INDICIUM “Insight Essential”, we check for defined risk issues that are relevant to the respective position.

Depending on the desired sources, consent from the relevant person may be required.

INDICIUM “Insight Plus”

Our solution when it comes to checks by managers with the consent of the employee.

In addition to the scope of the INDICIUM “Insight Plus”, we examine possible political engagement as well as publicly accessible private social media.

INDICIUM “Insight Complete”

Suitable for candidates or senior management level appointments where maximum accuracy is required. Generally, the Insight Complete level involves engaging a forensic analyst to review the results and assess them from a risk perspective.

Consent of the person concerned is generally required

INDICIUM “Analyst Assured Check”

The focus here is on the continuous monitoring of news about executives and managers whose reputation is closely linked to the reputation of the company. We carry out constant monitoring of all sources and information publicly available on the Internet that are publicly linked to the people on the Internet.

The consent of the person concerned is generally required.

INDICIUM “Complete Insight Monitoring”

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